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Tobias Huber is a
Graphic Designer
& Creative Person
based in Berlin.
If you'd like to get in touch with me,
just write me a mail or give me a call.
Zächel AG
UEFA Champions Festival
I had the chance to design the key visual and subsequent advertising products for the pitch the Zächel AG issued for the UEFA Champions Festival 2015. The key visual is based on the Champions League's brand identity and correlates with the existing visuals of 2014/15. It depicts the Brandenburg Gate, surrounded by a football-style hemisphere which highlights the area in which the Champions Festival was set to take place.
Adel Tawil
"Wenn du liebst"
Starting with having designed the landing pages for the successful hit singles "Zuhause" and "Kartenhaus" released by the major label of Universal Music, I also got the chance to design the cover artwork for the newest single of famous German singer Adel Tawil in 2015. In addition, I designed and programmed the landing page for the single called "Wenn du liebst". Its visuals depict the topic of loss, which also is the main theme of the song.
Die Charité
The Alumni Award
The alumni club of Germany's most prestigious hospital Charité in Berlin needed a logo for their annual Alumni Award, as well as several different products such as roll-ups, acryl tombstone awards, certificates and prize money checks. For the first time, they also offered a yearbook, which graduates could sign into. This yearbook was also designed by me and is going to be published soon.
ZDF Aspekte
Redesigning the cultural program
In the course of a successfully won contest in cooperation with the German station ZDF aiming to appeal to younger audiences, I designed a new branding for its culture program "aspekte". Based on the depiction of a prism, the embodiment of versatility and perspective, a new logo was designed, as well as an entire poster campaign, an app-design, various merchandise and a redesign of the program's website.
Epinier Wein
Label Design
The German winery "Epinier" was looking for a redesign of their bottle label. A modern, elegant but still traditionally appealing look was to be found, which finally led to the outcome you can see here. The main colors are gold, white and black, which can also be found in the actual bottle design of their famous red and white wines.
Tobias Huber is a
Graphic Designer
& Creative Person
based in Berlin.
Please have a look at some of my projects. If you like what you see,
just write me a mail or give me a call.